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MP3 Players | Cowon

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c2-8gbCowon C2 8GB MP3 Player with Expandable Memory

If you, like the AMP3 team, have been eagerly waiting on the edge of your seat for the arrival of the Cowon C2, you will be excited to know that you can now pre-order yours from AMP3! Many Cowon fans still swear by the Cowon D2, but now your beloved player has a successor!

Why the Cowon C2?

Jet Effect 3.0 and BBE+ Sound architecture - We all know and love Cowon for their ability to produce MP3 Players with unmatchable sound quality. Cowon never fail to impress us and this is thanks to the inclusion of JetEffect 3.0, BBE+ and a delicate hardware calibration.

The BBE+ and JetEffect allow for you to refine and fully customise your audio reproduction giving you not only a more natural and true to life sound but lets you tailor your audio experience. This state of the art sound architecture is extremely powerful and lets you immerse yourself in a sound like no other. Want to learn how BBE+ Works? Check out Cowon's explanation 

Audio and Video Playback - It's not all about the audio, despite the C2 not having an over-sized screen the pocket-sized C2 has a 2.6 Inch screen that has the ability to playback your digital video content at 320x240 pixels.
You won't lose that visual appeal during your music, turn your Album Art into a turn table! Insert up to 6 images per album using the Album Art 2.0 software and enjoy that visual aspect of your music as you are nodding your head crystal clear music reproduction.
FM Radio - It's always good to get a break from the norm and let loose with some of the latest chart releases on the radio. The handy FM radio has a response of 87.5-108mHz, which lets you keep track of the morning breakfast show on the way to work or mix it up with some alterative beats.

cowon-c2Built-In Speaker - Most players come with a built-in speaker now and it's a feature that for many would be sadly missed if it was not there! Worth a mention on any part!


Photo Viewer - What would a portable media player be without the ability to look back over your cherished memories? This fantastic little gizmo lets you look back over the good times and flick through your photo collection.
Extensive format support - Cowon are renowned for having a relatively open and varied format support and their C2 model doesn't let you down. Supporting MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE and WAV means that there is something for all grades of audio enthusiasts. For you movie-buffs Cowon have not forgotten you, AVI, WMV and ASF are supported also.

Easy file transfer - I'm sure that many of you that are reading this page will agree that being restricted to one software program is an enjoyable experience? With the C2 don't you worry, the simple drag and drop interface allows you to easily populate your portable media player with consummate ease.

Unreal Battery life - Now it's no X7 with a 103 Hours of audio playback but it does deliver an astonishing 55 hours! 55 Hours is a long time, long haul flights, weekly commutes, the C2 will see you through it all and still have plenty playback time to get you through the rest of day. You could even stick in some video time, you can get up to 10 hours watching time.

Expandable memory - Never again will you run short of memory capacity! With the inclusion of a Micro SD card reader you can continually add to your digital media collection. This is much loved feature in the Cowon J3, a welcomed addition to the D2's successor!
Touchscreen with simple 4 button format - With the Cowon C2 being a touch device you wouldn't expect many button to be appearing round the casing, you get the basics and that's all you need. A very handy Menu button, Power/Hold button and the Volume Controls.

The user interface is very simple for a Cowon Player: A clean and precise browser enables you to look through your menus, music videos with ease, it even has a very handy search function for easy location of your files. A neat rotation feature allows you to flip the screen 180 degrees on demand to suit how you are using your player. It's little UI aspects like these and the ability to add bookmarks and favourites to your music collection that make using the C2 enjoyable.

AV Out - Always a great feature. The ability to stick whatever content you have on your little media player on the big screen via a composite connection.
Stunning metallic design and it's pocket-sized -The C2 comes in three sleek colours, White, Grey and Black. The metallic housing is both smooth and sophisticated. Weighing in at only 84g this pocket-sized rocket will blow you away!

by-cowonAll that considered, what do we think?

It's been long coming, are we happy with the results? Even at the risk of sounding 'corny', you bet your bottom dollar we are! The C2 picks up where its predecessor left of and takes things a step further. The stunning design leaves nothing you wanting of nothing. It's lightweight, is jam packed with neat features and is home to some finely tuned kit that delivers a fantastic audio experience. AMP3 recommended without a doubt!



FM Radio






Album Art 2.0

JetEffect 3.0 & BBE+

Built-in Speaker


Touch Display

Video Playback

Flash Player

Picture Viewer

Voice Recorder

Micro SD Card Slot

Audio Playback of up to 55 Hours

Video Playback of up to 10 HoursSleep Mode

Technical Specifications

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